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Name:Cavan té Uterní

Once, not quite three thousand years ago, there was a boy found and raised by druids. They taught him about the trees, the animals, ways of healing and ways of reading the future in the smallest signs. Then, when his training was not yet complete, there was a great need for a more powerful form of divination. The boy was selected for sacrifice. It was an honor. He accepted his death with pride.
When he came back to life, after, it was taken as an unexpectedly great omen.

The boy lived on with his people, unaging, and unable to complete his training because he was no longer pure, until the weight of time itself drove him away into the world.
Since that time, the boy has traveled and learned there are other immortals like himself, learned their rules, learned to fight to defend himself.
He has vowed never to stop learning, although some lessons are uglier than others. The boy has seen empires rise and fall, and his own people fade into the mists of history. He has seen knowledge held in his heart be lost to the world at large. It hasn't always been an easy road, but he walks the world still.

Cavan has kept his boyish charm, and fought hard to keep from growing bitter. He has few immortal friends, but he's lived in monasteries all across the world, and some humans there have been granted the gift of his secrets.
Because he's spent so much time on holy ground, and doesn't wear the classic long coat that usually hides a sword, some immortals think he's easy pickings. This is a mistake. Cavan carries an unusual Egyptian-style sword called a kopesh, short enough to be hidden in the hiking backpack he carries in his role of a student. He's small, and his blade doesn't give him much reach, but he's very fast and he practices daily as a form of meditation. No one who ever picked a fight with Cavan is still alive.
He's sunny and cheerful, as long as you don't come at him with a sword.

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((Backup/duplicate journal from LJ
This journal is for RP pretendy funtime games purposes only, no profit is being made and pictures used without permission. Mun and muse are both over 18.))
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